Online Reputation Management


What appears when you search your name or your company's name on Google? If you are not taking steps to control your online reputation, you are risking potential business every single day. Negative listings, whether true or false, affect your credibility.

If any of the negative postings are legitimate, perhaps because of an error on your website or from a mistake by an employee, the obvious first step is to correct the error, reimburse the customer, or place a response on the website where the original posting appeared, whatever is appropriate.

FlexoRank has established a reputation management program which is successfully dealing with these situations, and we have accumulated a significant body of experience in this developing field. AuroIN will do its very best to remove the postings, but the actual solution usually comes from the application of SEO techniques which will move the postings down in the search rankings to the second page or lower, rendering them essentially invisible. Ultimately, the application of sound SEO techniques will prevail, with a primary focus on ensuring that the best possible keywords have been selected and that your backlinks are generating the maximum possible traffic.

An aggressive campaign to increase awareness of the positive aspects of your organization should be started. Links to the the sites that provide you with positive feedback should be used in blogs or testimonials, but be sure that you have the necessary permissions.

Informative press releases should be submitted to reputable press release distribution sites, and enrollment in a social bookmarking submission service and participation in appropriate online forums should be arranged. Google and other local listing services should be used to advertise to local prospects. With Google's local listing service your business will appear on the first results page for local based searches. Establishing a well-written and regularly updated blog will give you a regular following and the more your readers learn about your company the more secure they will feel when considering purchasing from you. Complementing your website with professionally created video could be very beneficial and if it's appropriate, it would be very helpful to create a wiki page.

Again, if it's appropriate and resources are available, it could be very helpful to create sister and/or dummy sites which could generate business while being free of the reputation issues.

A comprehensive monitoring program should be an integral part of the reputation management campaign, so that the effectiveness of the various steps taken can be assessed. The most commonly used review sites and forums for your industry should be included in this.

Our Ultimate Objectives Are :

  • Skilled industry experienced professionals capable of developing websites in time.
  • Experience in delivering top-notch web solutions.
  • Cutting edge expertise in web-based technologies.
  • Strong partnerships and Unmatched customer service.